Catherine Rahal

IF YOU LOVE THEM, LEAVE THEM LISTS. A guide to navigate difficult conversations and organize your affairs

Author : Catherine Rahal Illustrated by : Wendy Moenig If You Love Them Leave Them Lists — A Guide to Navigate Difficult Conversations and Organize Your Affairs, written by Catherine Rahal, is a short and informative guide on how to organize your affairs to help you prepare a roadmap or legacy notebook, serving as a guide for your representatives: your power of attorney and mandatary or healthcare and financial proxy, and eventually, your executor (liquidator) when you pass away. I’d like to imagine that my affairs are in order, that my children will have in hand precisely what to do in the event of my passing. I felt warmed to know that my children would be eased during this challenging time, as much as can be, with my legacy notebook guiding them. If one wants to feel reassured that all is in order, as is sometimes said, this is the book to follow. Author Rahal shares her harrowing experiences and how she came to write this guide. This is what happened to me, and I don’t want this to happen to you is one message I received. A second message is the importance of letting everyone know who your representatives are. A third message: Don’t wait. From the habits of pets to the often-complicated world of social media passwords and usernames, this guide aims to leave nothing out. Hopefully, one day this guide will become known as The Rahal Guide. Let’s see what the Rahal Guide recommends!

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